In 2003, I found myself in a court hearing before a judge and was thinking about what was going to happen to me because of what I had done with my life. It seemed everything in my life had gone south, including my family. CPS had also taken my children at the time.

My story goes back twenty-five years or so. My parents never drank nor used any drugs; yet, there I was, stuck in addiction. I "used to live" and "lived to use". When I drank, there was no turning back. 

Long story short, I found myself in an inpatient program: Pine Recovery, a treatment center in Visalia CA. I'm very grateful to them. They took me in when I had nothing. I chose to stay at Pine and they changed my life.

Today life is very promising and we have everything. I live a comfortable sober life with my family. Thank you Pine Recovery for changing my life.

- Tony