A family restored, thanks to Pine Recovery

In 2003, I found myself in a court hearing before a judge and was thinking about what was going to happen to me because of what I had done with my life. It seemed  ...   READ MORE >>

An empty soul is filled with new life

My name is Tracy and I am an addict. Being fortunate enough to have lived long enough to make the decision to fully participate in the Drug Court Program was the  ...   READ MORE >>

Chad was sentenced to... life without addiction

I started using alcohol and drugs before I was a teenager. By the time I became an adult I was a full blown addict.  In my forties I was looking at a 4 year prison  ...   READ MORE >>

Gary went from destructive, to productive

My life started going bad when I was about 17 years old. I began using drugs and got kicked out of school. I had a child by the time I was 22. Then things got worse.  ...   READ MORE >>

Recovery provided Rodney life saving tools

I began using drugs and alcohol at an early age. This behavior has gotten me into serious trouble and almost prison. I made the decision to enter Pine Recovery Center on  ...   READ MORE >>

Crystal's gratitude for probation's support,

Officer Elizondo supported me through my recovery. With Officers Elizondo's help, I was able to become a Recovery Specialist at New Heights and I am so grateful for her  ...   READ MORE >>