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KIPU Health

COVID-19 and Addiction

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When Jenny, age 34, learned that her Boston-area AA meetings had been moved online in response to the Massachusetts COVID-19 situation, she was alarmed, "The whole point is to be around people and feel connected. I'll be totally missing that."

Jenny's not alone. While individuals in recovery today have options to attend meetings and receive services remotely, this new paradigm represents a major change in many individuals' quest for a lasting sobriety. "I felt safe and secure at meetings. I need them. Of course, I know that I'm safer at home, joining my group online, but I am feeling more and more isolated every day. I'm alone and sometimes it's overwhelming," she said.

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New Hope keeping their Spirits High!

The New Hope girls are spreading Hope to their neighborhood, there's alway Hope at New Hope!


Hope in the midst of the Valley

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