Construction on a new residential facility began last fall, 2015, and we expect to be licensed and certified by summer of this year. Named, "The Robertson Recovery Center, the new program is designed to provide services for 27 residents who would have an average length of stay for 90 days. Outpatient services as well as sober living availability completes this continuum of care.

CVRS was able to secure financing for the construction project, and has a working budget for the completion of the structure and furnishings. However, as we go, we are discovering some additional items that will go a long way toward preserving safety in the residence and the surrounding neighborhood, and conserving resources. We have created a "wish-list" for items that we are hoping to be able to afford, if not now, then perhaps in the near future.

We are requesting assistance for funding for two drinking fountains in two locations of the facility. The use of drinking fountains reduces the amount of water waste as well as keeping the use of disposable products and dishwashing down.

We are also requesting assistance so that we can purchase and install security cameras in strategic locations throughout the interior of the building and outside to provide additional safety to both the residents and the surrounding homes.

Once the project is completed, we expect to start providing the much needed additional residential treatment in our community. As California continues to look at ways to reduce health care costs, to increase public safety, and to preserve families, overwhelming evidence continues to show that, "treatment works."